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The Prat Sisters: Free Spirits of the 1890s

"In Remembrance: S.P., G.B.R" : poem by Bliss Carman, in memory of Samuel Prat and Goodridge Bliss Roberts, written at 'Acadia Villa' in 1892 (print version)

Goodridge was the son of G.G. Roberts, Anglican clergyman at Fredericton. Goodridge was a student for the Anglican ministry at King's College, Windsor, at the time of his death. He died of influenza on February 4, 1892, at the home of Samuel Prat. His brother, Charles G.D. Roberts, and his fiancé, Minnie Prat, were at his side. He was 22. Samuel Prat died at home of the same illness on February 13, 1892. He was 63.

Date: Published in William Inglis Morse, Bliss Carman Bibliography (Windham, Conn., 1941)

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives  PS8455 A72 Z7, p. 72

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