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A History of Mining Activity in Nova Scotia, 1720-1992

"Underground Fire Fighters — The 6 P.M. Shift"

"Albion Mine Fire, 20 June to 6 July 1913." Men identified as: Childs, S. Andrews, Kelly, Gaskill, Corbett, F. Andrews, Mumford, J. Clark, Penketh, Carpenter, Sinclair, Ferguson, Ward, J. Hay, Gledall, McPherson, Hopkins, Usher, J. Sample, Willis, Young, Moss, Roach, McDonald, Gordon, H. Hay, Scully, Gillis, Sheraton, Flynn, Fairley.

Date: 1913

Credit: Museum of Industry

Reference: Stellarton Mining Museum  Museum of Industry  no. I91.32.679 & no. I91.32.166

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