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''The Great Map'' William Mackay, 1834

Walter Morrison's index map to "The Great Map", 1834, William Mackay. Above is a 1831 map of Nova Scotia (not 'The Great Map') with a simple overlay defining the bounds of earch of the flats of panels from "The Great Map". Zoom in on an area of interest and then locate the corresponding alpha-numeric code below. Click on the Code number to view the panels in detail.

Code County
C 19 (4) Yarmouth, Shelburne, Queens
D 20 (5) Queens
D 23 (4) Shelburne, Queens
E 30 (4) Queens
E 31 (4) Yarmouth, Annapolis, Queens
F 36 (3) Queens
G 44 (4) Queens
G 45 (4) Annapolis, Queens
H 48 (5) Queens, Lunenburg
H 49 (4) Annapolis, Queens
H 50 (4) Queens
H 52 (4) Queens

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