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Halifax Disaster Record Office Materials

Personal narrative - Miss Josephine Crichton

25 June 1918. — 1 page : 30 x 39 cm.

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MG 1 volume 2124 number 136

Archibald MacMechan, F.R.S.C.
Halifax, N.S.


Miss Josephine Crichton's account of what happened to Private Thomas Pringle of the Composite Battalion at Pier 8, as follows:
He was on sentry duty at Pier 8 at the time of the explosion, and was thrown into the water. He was almost drowned and made a little prayer. The water receded as far as his chin. He now believes in prayer. He was discovered in a cot on the first floor a little after midnight. He had received no attention whatever. His case had not even been diagnosed. Helen Crichton got him the boveril which he passed on to the woman who needed it more. Pringle is now in the convalescent hospital at Camp Hill. He is as fair as Lois MacKay.

Memo. Communicated to Director June 25th, 1918.

Reference: Archibald MacMechan Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 2124 number 136

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