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Personal narrative - Miss Josephine Crichton

22 January 1918. — 3 pages : 30 x 39 cm.

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MG 1 volume 2124 number 135a

Chronicle Building
Halifax, N.S.

x Margaret Wright, Mabel White

Hospital, where they had thought they might be of some use, J. C. remarked to some soldiers "There's nobody alive in there?" He said "Oh! yes, miss there are lots of wounded people right in there." They went in and found it too true. Doors and window sashes were out, Half of the roof seemed to have gone. Broken glass lay everywhere. There was never any time to sweep. All the beds from the upper [typo] floors had been crowded into the first floor wards, so close together in many places that "one had to 'draw up' to pass between". Convalescent soldiers had all turned nurses, over whom were two military doctors. J. C., H. C., and the two Dalhousie girls applied to them (the doctors) and were given permission to do what they could. They took off their hats but very soon replaced them, and remained with their coats and hats on until the next night. They found that the fire in the basement kitchen was burning well and that there was a huge "caldron" of tea on the stove. They carried hot drinks to the hurt people and looked after them generally. The wards and halls were crowded.. There were in many cases four children in one single cot. Blood everywhere. There was no antiseptic to use. The water main had burst [typo] To keep the furnace going the water had been turned on and the floors as well as the radiators were flooded. They had no rubbers on so walked on their heels to avoid wet feet as long as possible. There were no incidents particularly outstanding. The same thing over and over. That night the boys who were driving the conveyances that took the wounded to other hospitals for treatment wanted to stop work and go home, but by dint of coaxing and flattering ego. H. C. kept them at it.
Worked until Friday night and then went home. Meal they had that night at the Grosvenor "tasted good."

x Margaret Wright, Mabel White [written at the top of page 2]

Reference: Archibald MacMechan Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 2124 number 135

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