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Personal narrative - Mrs. H. Bryant

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MG 1 vol 2124 number 121a


On Wednesday December 12, Mrs. B and Mrs. Hanfield Whitman furnished the I.O.D.E. home in Spring Garden Road. In the morning it was an empty house, half the Dwyer house "Brookside'. In the evening it was all ready for thirty children. The first inmate was this so-called 'card-board box' baby, from Shirley St. It was only there a few hours. These ladies were furnished with requisitions on various firms -- Morton & Cragg's, N.S.. Furnishing Co. and Webster, Smith's. The latter was not used. After this Mrs. Bryant had two V.O.N. nurses staying with her. One for six and another for three weeks.

Note To see Miss Luxon, at the Council House - Head of the Local V.O.N. Obtain printed report. Also write to Mr. Hannington, Chief Superintendent for Canada of the V.O.N., Ottawa. Expenses of the thirteen nurses sent from Ottawa were paid by the Ottawa organization, up to January 1st, 1918.

Note An offer was made to Ottawa V.O.N. from Dr. Worcester of Waltham, Mass. offering to send nurses and pay their expenses for three months. When their offer was not accepted Mrs. Bryant understood that the money which would have been spent in this way was contributed to the Halifax Relief Fund. The V.O.N. visited houses and attended families who would not apply for Relief, and would not go to hospital. Doctors attended cases in patients own homes and reported to the V.O.N. which then took them over. Mrs. B. instanced case of reluctance to go to a hospital. Mrs. Schmeltzer, 46 Lawrence St. Family consists of three sons and one daughter. Son of fifteen has cataracts. One son foreman in Webster, Smith's, another active service. One daughter. Blind boy injured in explosion. Mother keeps him in bed. Mrs. B goes to read to him once a week. Boy well mannered. Mother grateful.

MG 1 vol 2124 number 121a [written at top of page]

Reference: Archibald MacMechan Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 2124 number 121

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