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Personal narrative - Miss. Norah Bell

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MG 1 vol 2124 number 120

Archibald MacMechan, F.RS.C.
Halifax, N.S.

Miss Norah Bell.

Had very little to say. Went to Camp Hill Hospital on Friday morning to see if she could help. It was a ‘shambles”. The corridors were lined with mattresses. Two patients on a mattress. Couldn’t tell the dead from the living sometimes. Courage of the injured was marvellous. One man with his head very badly smashed who had lost five children was joking and laughing while the doctors dressed his wounds. A woman had been buried in the ruins of her home with her child. The child was dead when the workers found it. The woman was very cheerful. Realized that her child was gone, but did not seem much depressed. Miss Bell thinks that they were stunned and that the “worst time is to come “. One child was suffering very badly and screaming. Miss Bell had to hold her to keep her on the bed.
Miss N. B. stayed at Camp Hill Hospital on day duty for a week. Things were in pretty good shape by the time and lots of professional help.

NOTE - Sergeant Andrews, orderly at C. H. H. did splendid work and was very much depended on by nurses and doctors.

MG 1 vol 2124 number 120 [written at top of page]

Reference: Archibald MacMechan Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 2124 number 120

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