W.R. MacAskill

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W.R. MacAskill

Wallace R. MacAskill is one of Nova Scotia's best-known photographers, valued especially for his seascapes and images of sailing vessels. To provide researchers with access to this significant photo archive, we have created a searchable database with 4600 digitized images and accompanying item descriptions. Almost all of the image captions were created by MacAskill or his wife, Elva, as part of their photographic record.

We have also taken some of MacAskill's 16mm silent colour film footage from the 1930s and converted it for online viewing. The MacAskill Travelogue presents Nova Scotia for potential tourists, while the Bluenose footage provides truly exciting coverage of the last International Fishermen's Trophy Race, off Gloucester, MA in 1938.

In order to provide context for the rich visual heritage created by MacAskill, we have also included both an archival description of his material and a brief background essay outlining his approach to photography in the 20th Century.

This project was made possible in part through the Canadian Culture Online Program of Canadian Heritage, Library and Archives of Canada and the Canadian Council of Archives.


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