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The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 85

May in time So ffortify themselves as to Dispute a Great part of his Majestys Territorys in the Bay of St. Lawrence, as they pretend to Do in the River St. Johns, upon the North of the Bay of ffundy; which if permitted, will Consequently affect the trade and Navigation of Great Britian."
John Adams
Will : Skene
Will : Shirreff
Wm Shirreff Secy. Otho Hamilton

Armstrong to St. Ovide de Brouillan. [111

The Inhabitants of this river have applied for a priest. Asks de B. to send hither two discreet priests, who shall conform to the laws. Letter sent by Capt. Bissell, a British subject and an honest man. Gautier follows with duplicate. Hopes the priests written for may return with him. De Goudalie has been ordered to quit the province. He has behaved basely; "hath in his letters Given himself the lye," and not behaved as a man of honor.
Wm Shirreff Secy. L. A.

June. 17.


Translation of foregoing into French.


French translation of following document.

Armstrong to Deputies of Minas. [114

House to be built "on the Grand Pré at Menis" to shelter anyone sent on Government errands, to secure provisions, stores or other necessaries "to be purchass'd of the Inhabitants for the Service of this Garrison, or for any publick Store-House in time of Scarcity, for the poor Inhabitants of Menis, and for the Indians Residing thereabouts, under Such Regulations as to prevent any Exaction at such a time

Aug. 1st.


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