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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 51

Doucett to Secretary of State.1 [93

Soon after D.'s arrival here, on Oct. 28, he was informed that the French inhabitants had never "own'd his Majesty as Possessor of this his Continent of Nova Scotia & Lacadie.": D. therefore summoned the people to sign one of papers enclosed, promising same liberty and protection as the other inhabitants enjoyed, if they complied: if not, he could not let their vessels pass the fort to trade or fish along the coast. On which they drew up the other paper enclosed, which D. wishes were cleaner, but as ship was ready to sail had not time to get another signed. Many would sign rather than lose the fishing season, if it were not for the priests, who, seeing the plight of the garrison and weakness of the fort, tell their people that the Pretender will soon be settled in England and the province handed back to France. To cover their disobedience to King George, they pretend fear of the Indians, which is impossible, as the Indians here are entirely ruled by the French, who treat them like slaves. If orders could be sent from France to the governors of Canada and Cape Breton to suppress and severely punish any Indians or others who insulted the inhabitants of Nova Scotia, and copies of these orders sent to Annapolis and distributed among the French, it would tend to bring the French in. The place would be improved and the garrison would not lack cattle, grain and other necessaries, as at present.
J D :

Nov. 5.

"A Coppy of one of Paper's enclosed to the Secretary of State and Warr

"Wee the french Inhabitants who's names are under written now Dwelling in annapolis Royal and the adjacent Parts of Nova Scotia or Lacadie formerly Subjects to the late french king who by the Peace [sign] concluded att Utrecht did by articles therein deliver up the whole Country of Nova Scotia & Lacadie to the late Queen of great Britain, wee doe hereby for the aforesaid reason, and for the Protection of us & our Family's that Shall reside in Annapolis Royall or the adjacen

1. Printed A. A. 12 f. almost entire: not accurately.
2. Handwriting changes here: different from both hands preceding.


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