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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 33

Caulfeild's letter to the Sec. of War, in regard to prompt payment: "for fear of any Accident I shall often Repeat the same."

Renews the order for 20 hhds. molasses, to be sent by first opportunity, probably Walters: garrison suffering much for it.

Hopes Clark will believe him about his private bills: will pay punctually and advance him more than he is indebted to him. Orders "One Pipe of Green Wine two barrells of Rum two boxes of Candles one of Soap one barrell of Sugar One Rheam of Paper of ye same Size and Sort I writt to You upon with halfe a dozn papers of Ink Powder."

Caulfeild to Mullcaster. [58

Duplicate of C.'s last enclosed: on further consideration, orders M. not to pay out the "Subsistance" of the non-commissioned officers and men, until he knows whether provisions are to be allowed this garrison. "That being ye fund to discharge ye debts Contracted for their dayly Subsistance here."

Nov. 23.

Surprised that Gordon did not inform M. of this custom, and also as to the proper form of drafts. If M. does not take great care, the garrison will suffer extremely.

Encloses Ensign Button's order to stop £20 of his pay yearly for the maintenance of his wife. If the garrison pay for their provisions, M. is to retain enough to discharge the commissary's certificate of provisions Button received at Annapolis.

Jeffreyson and Cross (on half pay) enclose provision accounts signed by themselves and the commissary. M. to give it to the proper office for stoppage.

Encloses Capt. Williams' bill for subsistence for £51. 3s. 6d. stg. in favor of John and Wm. Alden, endorsed by Caulfeild. If there is not so much to W.'s credit, hopes M. will not protest it.


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