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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 245

You might go a fishing in the Usual Manner as you Desired," they have carried their families to Tibogue and there built houses in order to settle, without permission, on Crown land. They are ordered to withdraw, and the usual rights of fishing and fowling for the support of their families will not be debarred.

Annapolis, Aug. 2, 1740.
P. Mascarene

Permission to Winter. [402

To the same. Their submissive petition of yesterday's date has induced H. M. Council to recall their order of the 2nd inst. "From the Circumstances of Your familys and Your Expressing Repentance for Your fault and folly Committed," the Council permits them to winter at Tibogue under the following restrictions, which they have promised in the presence of the Council to observe. They are not to raise dikes on the land, or in any way claim right to it by virtue of this or of any other permission; but to withdraw themselves and families from it, on the first order given.

Annapolis, Aug, 7, 1740.
P : Mascarene

Order Not to Molest.

To Peter Benoit ("Bennitt”) et al., habitans of Piziquid. Peter Landry of this place has complained "that You ..…, have a Design to Give Disturbance to him the said Peter Landry And the family of the Deceased Peter forrest in the possession of Some part of their Their Estate Purchased of John Roy and his Wife By Attempting to Stop the Channel and the Water Course of his and Their Mill Which Will Prevent Their Rebuilding The Same." Peter Benoit, Martin Benoit et al. are forbidden "any Ways to Attempt That Enterprise" unless they can show that they have right on


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