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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 233

Cleared and paid off till the said Eighteen months from the date hereof are fully Expired, or his Majesty's pleasure be thereon known as aforesaid, fail not as you will Answer the Contrary."

Annapolis, Jan. 19, 1739\40
John Adams.

Then follows a second copy of the proclamation on p. 201 and below the signature "John Adams," with this memo in Shirreff's handwriting: "N. B. That Notice of this Order being already taken in fo: 201 it is here lncerted through inadvertancy."

Mascarene's Proclamation. [204

As the Governor is absent and the Lieut.-Gov. dead, the government, civil and military, has devolved "on me as Eldest Councellor & President for the time being of his Majesty's Councill for this province I have thought fitt By and With the Advice of the said Council to order that The Regulations made for the Administration of Justice & the Several Justices and Other Officers Appointcd for that End shall Continue in the same manner as they were Established until further Order."

Annapolis, March 24, 1739\40
P : Mascarene

"God Save The King."

French translation of foregoing follows [204, f.]

Passport for St. Poncy. [205

"WHEREAS the Bearer hereof Mr St. Poncy a Missionary Priest of the Church of Rome has for some time past Resided in this place and is now on his Return to the Dominions or France where he Belongs," all officers, civil and military, are,


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