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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 23

great need of the garrison for molasses and pork. By the letter of Aug. 2, Clark will see what was needed. If he can meet with any good olive oil, to send 2 galls, for governor's own use.
Tho Caulfeild.1

Caulfeild to Jean Layard.2

Has received L.'s letter Oct 3,'by an Indian sent for the purpose. Begs him to say to all the Indians of his mission that C. is ready to do all in his power for them and that Mr. Adams a merchant has promised to send a vessel "Charge de tout Sorte de Choses," which C. hopes will soon set out. Has no news from Europe but hopes to hear daily: Layard will not be driven away.
T. C——

Oct. 3.

Caulfeild to the Agent (Gordon?)

Since C.'s last of the 18th, when he drew on agent for £99.6.3s stg. this is to inform that he has drawn at this rate for [left blank] for provisions for the garrison.
T. C——

Oct. 6.

Caulfeild to Clark. [42

Informed Clark in letter of Sept. 6 of the need of molasses and pork. Still labor under the same difficulties and have suffered very much for want of molasses, but Blin has brought 69 bbls. of beef, which will last until Clark writes. Hopes that by this time Clark will have a confirmation of all affairs relating to the garrison, and will forward winter supplies of food. Encloses Commissary's return, by which their necessities can be judged.
T. C——

1. Written hastily; first ‘Caulfiled' by a slip of the pen; then the ‘e' is corrected into ‘l’
2. In French: direction reads "amonsr. Jean Layard. a la Rivier St. Jean.
3. "E je Spere que Battiment dan un peu de temp pour Les alle assiste.”
4. Direction reads: "To The Agent."

Oct. 7.


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