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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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of the said James Oneal from Justice, in a great measure supports the truth of the Allegations laid against him," Deputies of Chignecto are ordered to apprehend Sire and O'Neal Conformable to my Order of the 11th Instant."

Annapolis, July 15, 1738.
L. Armstrong.

Order to Peter Bergeau.1 [185

By the Governor's wish, B., who is going to Chignecto, is to take charge of "these Acco’ts," and compare them with O'Neal's receipts given to the habitans.
Wm Shirreff Sec.y

Order in Regard to Land.

To Charles Boudrot, John Hebert, Peter Landry Sen’r and Peter Giroard, of Piziquid. John Duon, attorney for Claude Brossard, has petitioned the Governor-in-council on the latter's behalf. The arbitrators (named above) appointed to decide the difference between him (Brossard) and Stephen Rivett, have not measured the land in dispute, owing to Charles Babin's refusal to permit it. Authority given to measure Babin's land and all other, as may be necessary to finish the dispute. Arbitrators to proceed and report to the Gov. "Conformable to the minute of Council, Dated 17th August, 1736."

Annapolis, Jul. 28. 1738.
L. Armstrong.

French translation of foregoing follows [186]

Order to Habitans of Chignecto Regarding O'Neal. [186

Their disputes and animosities and frequent complaints particularly against James O'Neal have given the Govt, great trouble. There may be faults on both sides. It is plain that most of them have transgressed in regard to the payment of the King's quit rents and other dues. "I cannot ommitt thus

1. Writing dim: paper water stained and decayed.


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