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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 207

Order not to Cut Hay on Disputed Ground.

Several disputes in regard to a piece of "mash ground," said to be granted by M. de la Tour to Joseph Dugas, which cannot be decided. Therefore no one is allowed (not even M. Ie Borgne de Bellisle, who had been granted the privilege) to cut hay "till further orders or my return hither."

Minas, May 7, 1735.
L : Armstrong.

Order to Survey Cape Dorey. [138

George Mitchell, Deputy Surveyor of the Woods, &c., directed to survey and make a plan of the tract of land mentioned in Minute of Privy Council and to report on same.

Minas, Ap. 8, 1735.
L. Armstrong.

N. B. That said minute was affixed to order.

Wm. Shirreff Sec.ry

Order for Election of Deputies.

Oct 11 being "the Anniversary day for Chusing of New Deputies," for the coming year, the old Deputies are ordered to make preparation for the election. Those elected are strictly ordered to appear at once before the Governor-in-council for approbation.

Annapolis, Sept. 14, 1735.
L. Armstrong.

N. B. That there were sent Copies with the french translation foll’g — of the same tenour & date to the Deputys of

1. In the clerk's hand. So spelt also in margin.


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