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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749


MS. 20 is entered in the Akins catalogue, "20. 1750-1741. Commission Book kept at Annapolis Royal from May 25th, 1720, to December, 8th, 1741, marked A., with Index. This book is bound in rough calf, and is in a damaged condition from damp.-" It consists of Index, two folios, unnumbered, and 280 pages, numbered oddly, 1-208, then 300-309, 400- 409, and the last blank. The damage which Akins noted has not diminished with time. Even turning the leaves over with the utmost care causes the paper to fall apart. The entries were made with great care, in very legible hands. Marginal notes were furnished and an index, which have not been transcribed.

Order. [1

Gyles Hall to be Justice of the Peace at Canso.

May 9. Annapolis.

Memo. Ditto to John Henshaw, Esq., at Canso.

May 25.

Memo. "Afterwards with a Commission for Captain of a company of Militia at Canso."

Ditto to John Richards Esq. at Canso [memo.]



John Richards to be Justice of the Peace at Canso; commission in full. On margin "afterwards to Thomas richards with Comission as Captain of a Comp’y of Melitia at Cansoe."

Rich. Philipps


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