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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  164  Nova Scotia Archives.
May 20.

Mascarene to the Deputies of Chignecto.

Has received from Bergeau the return of the inhabitants of Chignecto, as ordered: it will enable the Council to decide questions of land tenure. The intention is to assist the law-abiding and protect H. M. rights, "as Lord of the Several Mannors in this Province since the year 1731 That His Majesty made a Purchase of the said Seigniores from those who had A Right to them." After a proper survey is made, those who have conformed to the law shall be entitled to a rebate on what they may have paid in as King's Dues, since 1731. The oath of allegiance taken by heads of families binds all the family; and those born since H. M. accession are equally bound to obey Govt. orders. By the return, M. finds that a number of habitans with valid deeds have refused to pay the King's Dues, although this is the condition on which they hold their lands. B. has accounted for what he has received and his accounts have been laid before the Council: He has been appointed Notary and Receiver by a new commission; writings passed by him will be valid here "Which will Prevent fraudes So Offten Committed by Clandestine Deeds or Writings." Deputies to give him all assistance. If, after all that has been said and done, the habitans of Chignecto persist in disorder, a time of retribution will surely come. The only measures proposed have been for the advantage of the people and the maintenance of the King's rights. They have enjoyed religious privileges even beyond the stipulations of the treaty of Utrecht. Try to atone for past offences by better behavior. It is to the interest of the whole community to promote order. "Bergerau" is to visit A. this summer: one or two of the Deputies should come with him, to hear the deliberations of the Council for their benefit. Habitans obliged by their contracts to pay their annual dues on a certain day "that is on the feast of St. Martins, " Failure to do so will bring punishment. "If There are more than One Seated On an Habitation The Cheif or the holder of the contract is answerable for the whole amount; and the different parties may agree as to their


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