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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 153

the King's Dues unwillingly "& in bad Species," and persist in disobeying the orders regarding de St. Poncy. Trouble will come of it. It is of great importance for the support of the King's authority that the missionaries should not settle themselves in the province contrary to the regulations; this explains the reasons for the regulations regarding de St. P. The Govt. will support them; and punish sooner or later those who disobey. As for those who have settled on the King's lands, without grant, B, is to read the orders on that head, as well as M.'s letters of Oct. 22nd, 1740, Jan. 7th and Ap. 11th, 1741, all in the same strain. "I am not varying but always keep to what is my duty the promoting His Majesty's Service." Hopes B. will continue faithful in his position.

P. S. Petition sent by "Bourg & Sire" requires no answer as it relates to settling on ungranted lands, Hears of illicit trade from Baie Verte and that the habitans of Chignecto have a share in it, contrary to orders. This will increase the resentment against them.
P. M.

Mascarene to Alex. Bourg. [242

Has received letter from Charles Dugas. Wishes B. to inform him that it is inconsistent with his (M.'s) duty and contrary to the proclamation "to Allow any trade with any foreign Dominions for Prov’s or any other Prohibited goods." As M. prefers the discharge of his duty to private interest, he did not accept D.'s offers of service last Spring "nor cannot at this time." Will discourage illicit trade and, when the time comes, inquire into the character of those who have acted contrary to the law.

July 16.

Mascarene to des Enclaves.1

Has received des E.' s letter of July 21 (N. S.). Is glad July 20. that des E. is alive to the evil consequences of connecting the

1. Printed in full N. S. Archives p. 112 f.

July 20.


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