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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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account of his age. As M. cannot judge of the matter at this distance, he has ordered the parties to meet a year hence, in Nov. 1741, with their documents to settle the matter. They are to prevent molestation in this case and others, until justice has been done. Hopes they have received the orders sent by Winniett and Donnell and carried them out.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. P. Mascarene.
Nov. 28.

Mascarene to Bergeau.1 [225

Has received B.'s dated Oct. 28th, by way of Minas: it contains nothing but what he has already answered in letter sent by Winniett. Expects merchants daily from Minas, which may bring B.'s answer.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. P. Mascarene.
Jan. 7.

Mascarene to Bourg.

Sends commission of Receiver of the King's Rents. B. cannot enough exhort the people to obedience and good order. Sends open letter to Deputies in B.'s district, which is to be communicated to them, that none may pretend ignorance, Original to be kept in B.'s office for reference. Writes also to "Monsieur de Loutre" to. turn over to B, what he has received of the King's rents taken at Cobequid, with Mangeant's monies, which B. is to charge clearly in different accounts, and not to confuse it with what accrues to the King from the preceding year, 1740. B. to keep accounts according to the prescribed form. Réné Le Blanc has written M. a letter full of prevarications regarding the new Deputies: M. has therefore written to the Deputies in common. Has heard also that the Deputies of River Canard have not caused restitution to be made for Gautier's horse. They certainly have made no report thereon. Writes to des Enclaves in answer to his letter: and wishes des E. to show B. the same. If he does not, B. is to let M. know. Sends two letters directed to

1. In French.
2. Doubtful: document reads: "With the Seiuer Mangant the former Receiver.


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