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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 47

Same in any Matters Relating to the Government of the Inhabitants & Indians of this said Province

     At a Council held at the Same place on Saturday the 21st of September 1723

     The Honourable L.t Governor President and the Same Gentlemen Present

     The Honourable Governour Acquainted the Board that some time agoe he had taken Security of Prudane Robichau Senior Inhabitant in the Cape for his Appearance before the Council to Ans.r An Accusation against him for Supplying the Enemy Indians Contrary to his Excelly's Proclamation, & that having Summon'd him & the Evidences the Said Prudane Robichau was Come to Attend the Board for that purpose
Prudane Robichau Examined upon oath before the Council

     Whereupon the Said Prudane Robichau (& William Cook, Lewis Fountain, John Pipper & John Rolph the Evi dences) were Called in & Declared upon Oath as follows

     William Cook being Sworen Declared That being in Company with Lewis ffountain he saw said Prudane Robichau, in the Evening when the Sun was about half an hour high, going Cross a Rod a little from Laverdeur's with a Bagg & a Bott1e under his Arm towards the place where he understood afterwards the Enemy Indians were


     Lewis Fountain being Swor'n Declared That [67] That he saw Said Prudane Robichau going the aforesaid Rod & Carrying Some things but that he knew not what they were, & that he doth not Remember he Saw a Bottle

     John Pipper being also Sworn Declared That being in Company with John Rolph, as he was going towards one Michells he Discovered Some Indians with provisions & a Bottle before them, which by His Smell he took to be Rum & that the Said Prudane Robichau was Sitting by them

     John Rolph Under Age being Examined & Ask'd, Said that he Same as John Pipper and that not tasting what was in the Bottle, he could not tell what it was, tho' he beleiv'd it was Rum

     Prudane Robichau being ask'd if he had any thing to


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