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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 43

River Indians had come to submitt himself & Embrace the Governments Proteotion upon the Conditions & Tarmes prescribed them & it being agreed that he should Enjoy the Benefit of his Excellencys Proclamation, he was Call'd in & Voluntarly Signed the Same in Our presence.

     At a Council held at the place aforesaid on Thursday the 13th December 1722.

     Present the Honourable L.t Governor Presid.t and the Same Gentlemen as aforesaid


     The Honourable L.t Governor Acquainted the Board that Cap.t John Jephson to whom his Excelly had given Such a Commission for Commanding the Volunteers against the Indians had waited upon him to lett him know he was Ready for any Service he had for him, and that if he could give him Twenty men he would go up the River to the Mass house in order to Look for Indians The [62] The Governor Desired the Advice of the Board whether it would be for the Good of the Service to send such a Party to the Mass house or not; which being Considered, it was for the Several Reasons following Judged not proper this Juncture to send Such a party for

A motion Made to Send a party up the River not aproved of

     First it might Endanger the Lives of those who are Under the protection of the Government, who have Hostages for their Good Behaviour and the Governors Pasports

     2dly By the Disturbance it might Create to the french Inhaibitants who are as yett Tollerated in the Exercise of their Religion, and the Church belonging to them & not to the Indians

     3dly If any Accident, should at such a distance happen to the Party it would be of III Consequence to ye Garrison.

     At a Council held at the Same place on Munday the 11th of February 1722/3

     Present the Honourable L.t Governour Presid.t & the Same Gentlemen as aforesaid


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