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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 359

under the Penalty of One Hundred pound New England money for each of them; And Captn Blin offering himself to be bound for them, The same was Accepted of.

     The Govr then Charged them to aquaint the rest of ye Inhabitants of that place that he Expected them here by the first Opportunity with their Conveniency within One year, to make their Submission to the Government And that they should not receive any Missionary Among theIll untill such time as they shall have the Approbation of the Government for ye Exercise of their Function

     Then it was moved that the Governor should write a Civil letter to Invite the Chiefs of the St Johns Indians hither; It being Observed that for want of a more familiar Correspondence with the English, The said Indians had [453] had been prevailed on by the Artifices of the ffrench to Construct the Trade & Commerce of his Majesty's Subjects


     Agreed that a Verbal Message should be Sent them by the two ffrenchmen Aforesaid to Invite them hither at their Conveniency & that they should be graciously Received.
L : Armstrong

     At a Council held by Order of the Honble Governor Armstrong at His Own House in his Majesty's Garrison of Annapolis Royal On Thursday the 8th July 1736 At 4 o’ the Clock P: M:

His Honour the Lt. Governor of the Province
John Adams
William Skene Esq
Henry Cope Esq
Eras : James Philipps Esq
Otho Hamilton Secretary

     His Honour communicated to the Board a Letter from Monsr St Ovide Govr of Lewisbourg bearing date the first of July N. S. being in Answer to One from him dated the 20th May last, which being read; The Governor thought proper to Adjourn the consideration thereof on the Arrival of Pierre the Chief of the Cape Sable Indians, who being Introduced
Gov.r St. Ovide's Letter laid before the Board in Relat.n to ye Baltimore.


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