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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 353

     Order'd that Mr Secry Send an order by ye Constable for ye Deputys to attend this Board with as Many of ye Ancient Inhabitants as they may think proper on Saturday next 12th Inst at 10, o' ye Clock A: M
L : Armstrong

SamlI Douglass Gunner Plaintifs
Jno Hergrave Mason
Jno Seal Brewer
Jno Gormon Sergt
Charles King als Roy Defendt

June 18th 172


     The Defendt at the Request of Saml Douglas one of ye Above plaintifs appearing according to Summons of this Date for a Debt Due to Him the Plaintiff [448] Plaintiff by ye Sd Chas King Deffendant Sixteen Shills & five pence & the Other plaintiffs Charging Him also with their particular Demands vizt Jno Hergrave With a debt of ten Shills for two pound powder, Jno Seal for Himself & Partner for ye Debt of eleven & Seven pence & Jno Gormon for ye Debt of ten shills for a pair of Shoes, all which Sd Demands Excepting that of Jno Hergrave’s the Defendt acknowledged to be justly Due, Whereupon the Defft being order’d to pay the Sd Acknowledged Debts, He Said that He had no Money but that He would give Each of them his Note for the Respective Sums Due, to be paid upon His Return from the Bay with Capt Donnell

In relat.n to Charles King & his Suers &ca.

     Which proposal of His being put to the Said plaintiffs they positively refus’d ye Acceptance of his Note & Insisted upon being presently pd or otherwise to have Bail & good Security

     As to Mr Hergrave’s Demand ye Sd Defft alledged & affirmed that He Wrought three Days at 3s per Diem for Sd Hergrave & therefore He oweth him no More than one Shill: being Endebted to Thos Brown formerly a Soldier in ye Honble Richd Philipps Regt, from Whom He had a power


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