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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     Ordered that Mr Secretary should prepare such letters to be laid before the Board for their Consideration, on monday next the 17th Inst. at 3 o' the Clock P. M

     Monday the 17th May 1736 being mett According to Adjournment the same Members present, The Secretary presented to His Honour in Council the aforesaid letters & their ffrench Translations, with a Copy of some of the Articles of Peace with the Indians to be sent to the Chief of Cape Sable Tribe, which being all read, they were approved of
The Inab.ts of Cobaquit Petitioning for a Priest.

     Then His Honour Aquainting the Board that as the Inhabitants of Cobaquit had applyed to him for a Priest & that as Mr St Ponce whom they Petitioned for was thinking of going to ffrance, but willing to Stay a Year longer with these People, He had therefore a great mind to let him go but not till either his or Mr Chaveraux Return from Pobomcoups being Intended at the request of Mr Dentremont to send One of these Priest to use his Endeavours with the Indians to make Restitution, & then laying the Petition of Francis Mitchell & John Robisheaux in behalf of the Inhabitants before ye Board, it was upon Debate deferrd till to morrow that ye Petitioners & the two Priests might be presente Then [436]
Ann James's Petition read.


     Then was also read a petition of Ann James Wife of Henry James Soldier in Majr Mascarene's Company Praying a Grant, or a Lease for her House (which she had built by the Governors Commission) for twenty One years renewable for Ever as upon file

     Whereupon His Honour (as the White House field on which the said House Stands was already by a Minute of Council sett apart for the use of the Govt & Commander in chief of the Province for Ever provided that there be no Lawfull Claimer) desiring the Opinion of the Board whether he could grant the prayer of said Petition
The Boards Opinion thereon.

     It was Motioned that the Minute thus Setting it apart for the Govr & Commander in Chief should be Read, & the


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