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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 321

the Spot, to visite the Situation of their ground & the road in dispute; & to make a Report & plan thereof in order to be laid before His Honour & the Board on Wednesday next, & so referr'd till that time
L : Armstrong

Menis the 28th April 1735

     The Board being sett, the same members as above being present


     His Honour aquainted the Board that as he had Appointed both this & the last years Deputys to Attend this day, & as they were Come he [414] he thought proper to Interrogate them for what reasons they did not Comply with his orders bearing date the 2nd of Novr last in relation to petit Jacques Le Blanc for grossly affronting Mr John Hamilton Depty Collr in the Execution of his duty Which being judged very Just & reasonable, they were accordingly Called in, & the question being put their Answers thereunto heard, The Board agreed & were of Opinion (that as the Old Deputys Confess'd themselves to be in the fault in not sending an Answr upon Petit Jacques Le Blanc's refusing to Comply with said Orders) that the said Deputy's for the year 1734 to witt John Tibado, Peter Ie Blanc als Pinol, Jos: Terriot, Claude Boudrot, Peter Ie Blanc the son of James, Joseph Grangier & John Terriot should still be Oblidged to put said order in Execution, & to take & apprehend him the said Petit Jacques Le Blanc & to bring him before the Govr & Council at Annapolis Royl as soon as he the said LeBlanc returns & arrives here, under the pain & penalty of 5 pod N. England Currancy to be paid by each of the said Deputys who shall not Comply therewith. And the present Deputys to witt James Hebert, Peter Ie Blanc, Bernard Diagre; John Doucett, Francis Ie Blanc the son of James & John Laundry are likewise ordered to join their Assistance as they shall answer

the Deputy's of last year reproved in Relat.n to Petite Jacque le Blanc for not putting the Order sent them in Execut.n


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