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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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John Hansholes Complaint against ffrancis Watherby

     Then was Read a Petition from John Hanshole Setting forth that ffrancis Watherby had incroach'd 3 foot upon his tenement, which was Refer'd to Said Watherby to make his answer to the Same


Then the Board adjourned till 4 of the Clock in the afternoon [265]

     The Same Members having Mett according to Adjourment at 4 o Clock P. M.
Carpent'r Horlocks Complaint agst Watherby

     His Honour acquainted them that he had received a Petition from Carpenter Harlock Complaining that ffrancis Watherby had encroachd upon his land, & praying Redress, It was Refer'd till Watherby Gave in his answer to the Same
Landry & Le Blancs Controversie Decided

     Then His Honour acquainted the Board that Mr Landry and the Le Blancs from Menis were Come Conformable to the Minute of Council of the 11 th January last to prove the Respective allegations and pretensions to Some land in Dispute Between them at Chippody, and Refer'd the Same to the Board's Consideration for their opinion therion

     The Landrys pretensions to the Said land at Chippody and Memramcoup, and their petitions and other papers, as mentioned in the Minute of the 7th January last being again Read, also the Said Minute, and the partys being again heard, And their Several Allegations Re-Examined, they were order'd to Withdraw


     Upon the Whole it appeard to the Governor & Council that Neither the one nor the other hath any legall pretensions to said land for their presuming to take posession thereof and to work thereon without any Authority from the Government, it being also Contrary to a paragraph of his Majestys Instructions, for them, Either to take, or Even for the Governor to Sett apart any land Untill first Survey'd, and a Report thereof made by the Surveyor [266] Surveyor who is daily expected, and if they Continue to Work thereon, it is to be at their Risque
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