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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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of Life, because the Inhabitants had Granted him no Manner of Allowce for Serving the Cure as their Priest And yt therefore he had Summond the Deputees to Enquire of them the Reason thereof And Why they did not pay him the Customary Dixiems


     The Deputies being call'd in And His Honour having put the Question, They Acknowledged that it was Very Reasonable [243] Reasonable that he should be taken Care of, but that the Year proving so very bad, they were scarce able to provide for themselves, however that they Would Recommend it to the Inhabitants And Returne their Answer on thursday the 11th Inst
Laverns petition ags. Gautier

     A Petition of Peter Lavern Against Monsr Gualtier was also Read And it was Agreed that Said Petition And two other Papers thereunto Relating Signed by Monsr De Braisly, Should be given to Said Gualtier in Order to make his Ansr to it also the 11th Inst
L : Armstrong
James O. Neals petition for a piece of Ground at Shikenectue

     At a Comity of Council held by order of the Council held by Order of the Honoura ble L.t Colo Lawrence Armstrong the L.t Governor of the Province on Tewsday the 9 th November 1731 at M.r Gibson's Room in his Majesty's Garrison of Annapolis Royall at 11 o' the Clock A. M.

The Honourable Alex.r Cosby President
William Skene Esq
Wm Shirreff Secretary
Otho Hamilton Esq

     The Secretary Acquainted the Presid.t that there was one James 0' Neale, a British subject from Ireland Come here and gives An Accot that he had been for some Years in france and from thence went to Canada and other places in the Dominions of ffrance And that he Now Intends, to settle at Shickanecktau Provided the Governmt ould Grant him a Patent for a Peice of Ground as sett forth in his Petition, And that as he is An Intire Stranger in ye Country and perhaps Come with other Views; His Hon.r the Lieu.t Governor


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