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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 187

     By his ExcellyRichard Philipps Esq Capt General and Governor in Chief of his Majestys Province of Nova Scotia &ca

     To Samuel Douglass Inhabitant &c

     You are hereby permitted to take possession of a Spott of Ground Scituate in the North End of the Town of Annapolis Royall (where I am Inform'd you have been Settled Many years) Containing fifty Yards in ffront to be made Use of in Building thereon a house and other Necessarys The Ranging Back to be fix't as soon as it can be Surveyed in order to the Making out of a Grant for the same; Which I promise to do by the first Conveniency

You are furthermore permitted by these presents to Cultivate the Grounds Backward as it now lyes inclos'd till the Boundarys thereof Shall be settled by Us. Given Under our hand at Annapolis Royall this Twenty first Day of April 1731
R Philipps
By His Excellencys Command
Eras. Jas. Philipps Secretary


     As also a Memorial of James Horlock Carpenter to his Excellency Praying a Grant for a Peice of Ground lying behind Mr Douglass's house and Garden fronting the Cape being in Length one hundred and Eighty foot and one hundred and sixty foot in Breadth as Upon file which being also Read the Board took them both into Consideration and Were of Oppinion that his Excellymay Grant both spotts of Ground, to the said Mr Douglass According to his promise, and According to the Prayer of Carpenter Horlocks Memorial In [21] * In Case there are no other Person or Persons that have any Legall Pretentions to the same as also a Grant for a Peice of Ground Demanded by Mr Watherby Upon the same Condition: And they Were also of Oppinion that Placcards should be fixed in some Publick places of the Town and Copys thereof sent into sevl parts of the Country to give

*This page loose in the book, and frayed at the edges.

James Horlocks memorial

Order yt the ffrench make out yr Claims to lands lying waste


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