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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 147

Esq in Relation to a piece of Ground formerly Sold to Said John Adams as upon file

     Mr Adams thereunto made answer that there was but little of any truth therein & Said that as he had bought that piece of Ground lying between the Generals Garden & the Church Yard of which he was never putt in possession she not having any power to Sell the Same he therefore tho't it was but reasonable that She Should Repay the Money that he had paid her for the Same

     The Alligations on both Sides being Consider'd agreed that the Said Ann Robicheau Shall have Six months allowed her from this day to make good her pretensions & Right to the Said p.s of Ground and that in the Interim she should pay ninety five Livres into the hands of Mr Shirreff. the Secry
At [198]


     At a Council held at the place aforesd on Wednesday ye 21st June 17~7


     The same Members as on June the 20th 1727

     His Honr the LivtGovernor of the province having Sent for Etienne Rivett whom he had detain'd at the Officers Guard Room and administred an oath to Answer directly to the best of his knowledge to Such Questions as should be putt to him & to declare the truth and nothing but the truth, caused. to be Read a Declaration of Said Etienne Rivetts as upon file which, he own'd to be Such & having Sign'd the Same declared the Same to be according to What he had heard as is contain'd in S.d Declaration: & being further ask'd by His Hon.r whether he heard that His power was of no Such force as to administer the Oaths of Fidelity to the Inhabitants: answ.d that the person who brought the Letter Said & Signified So
Etienne Rivett examined

     He was then ask'd why the Inhabitants did not go forward in Cutting the Road as directed; answ.d that he had heard sev.l of the Inhabitants Say that if they Should cutt the Road His Honour would take & drive their Cattle away


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