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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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payments within this His Majts province of Nova. Scotia at the Same Rates they have been usually paid & Received in Said province these Six Months past & no otherwise and that a proclamation be Issued out accordingly
a Committee appointed to Speak to the Inhabitants about the price of Cattle

     The Board having Consider'd the price of Cattle &c.a were of opinion it would be necessary to discourse with some of the principal Inhabitants before they Should come to any Resolution upon that Subject & that a Committee be appointed for that purpose as Soon as the Said Inhabitants could conveniently attend


     Order'd a Committee of the Whole Board to discourse with the Inhabitants thereupon & that the Said Comittee may Sitt to Morrow being the 20th Inst to prepare & draw up the Said proclamation about the [191] the Coin in order to be publish'd as soon as possible

     Resolved that the price of Wood be continued. at five Shillingsper Cord

     Orderd that the Secretary write an order in the Manner of Letter to Germain Savoye & Pierre Godet to Come without any further delay to Wait upon the Governor & Council
Captain Gambles Complained agt the Lv.t Gov.r

     Then His Honour acquainted the Board that he was Inform'd that Capt Gamble who was here last Fall had without any manner of Reason used him very Insolently here & that with the assistance of Some here & Elsewhere he had procured about 200 people to Sign Complaints against him, the particulars of Which he hoped to lay in a true light before them for their Consideration as also all his Transactions Since his arrival here that the Board may the better Judge of his Treatment from Said Capt Gamble & Such as are accessory and his Associates & that Whereas his Conduct is blameless he therefore Referrd'd himself to this Board & to all the Officers of this Garrison for his Justification


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