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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 127

     At a Council held at the Place aforesaid in His Majestys Town of Annapolis Royall on fryday the 23.d of September 1726

     The Honourable Presid.t & the Members y.t Were present Yesterday Mett According to Adjournment to Consider further of the Crime Committed by Robert Nicholes & of his Punishm.t for Such Misdemeanours

     The Board in Order thereunto Ordered the Said Robert Nicholes to be again Brought before them

     And being Asked Whether he had Any thing further to say for himself, or any Objections to Mhke why this Board Should not proceed to Give Sentence Against him

     The Said Robert Nicholes Replying in the Negative, that he had nothing further to Say nor to Object

     The Board therefore (there being no Other Court of J udicature as yet Erected in this His Majestys Province, then ye Council for the Administration of Justice & ye more Legall & formall prosecution of Such Crimes) Agreed y.t his Sentence & punishm.t Should be Viz.t


     Robert Nicholes you being found Guilty by his Majestys Council for this Province Of [172] of the Crime wherewith thou art Charged by the Honourable Law.r Armstrong L.t Governor and Commander in Chief of this his Majestys Province of Nova Scotia

     The Punishm.t herefore Inflicted on thee is to Sitt upon Gallowes three Days, half an hour each Day, with a Rope about thy Neck and a paper upon your Breast Whereon shall Writt in Capitall Letters AUDACIOUS VILLAIN And afterwards thou are to be Whipt at a carts tail from the Prison up to the Uppermost house of the Cape & from thence back again to the Prison house Receiving Each hundred paces five Stripes Upon your bare Back with a Catt of Nine tails and then thou art to be turn'd over for a Soldier
Robert Nicholes ordered to be put 3 days on a Gallows & whipt.

     Orderd y.t the Said Sentence of the Board be Read to yo Prisoner


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