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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Formerly Sent them & that upon their Coming to Ratify what hath been promissed on their part they should be friendly Rec.d
Letter from the Inhabitants of Nether Cobaquit.

     Then was Read a Letter from the Inhabitants of the Neather Cobaqauit Signifying that the Indians after whom they had been in Search, not having Return'd from Hunting till the 7th of June N: S: Was the Cause that their Deputy the Said Charles Robichaux Did not come According to the Time Appointed
Letter from the Deputy of Upper Cobaquit.

     Read Allso a Letter from Abram Bourg One of the Deputys of the Upper Cobaquit Signifying that he had been for Some time Lame, and that through Infirmitys he was not Able to Officiate nor to Execute the Governm.ts orders And therefore Prayed to be Excused, and Desired Liberty to Come to Anapolis Royall
Agreed [161]


     Agreed that he might Come if he pleas'd Then the Honourable Presid.t laid before the Board a Letter from Alex.r Bourg one of the Deputees of Mines (as upon file) Signifying that he was Engaged for the Savages of the River S.t Johns So far up as to the Meductock and some of those of Passamaquady (Having Interpreted to them his Honour's Letter Delivered them by Aimable) to Signify to his Honour their Contentedness and Good Disposition to Comply with Said Letter and their Readiness to Ratifie the Peace, &.ca and Whereas it was Dangerous for them to Cross the Bay in their Canoos they therefore pray'd his Hon.r would be pleased to Aid them So farr as to, send a Samall Vessell for their Transportation

     Which being taken into Consideration the Board is of oppinion that it would be N ecessary Could there a Vessell be gott, to Send it for them, And whereas Jacque Leblanc of Mines with his Vessell being here, it was Judged proper to propose to him Said Voyage; and being sent for Made Ans.r that he was Willing, Only that being in M.r William Winnietts Service he must therefore have his Consent, And he being also Ask'd, Made Ans.r that he would thereby be a


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