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"Musquodoboit Centennial Celebrations", 11-13 July 1915

The Presbyterian Church celebrated its centenary in the Musquodoboit Valley in 1915. The Truro Daily News, 14 July, reported that church services had been held throughout the valley on Sunday 11 July. The next day, Monday, was a "real gala day" with an "Antique Procession" in Middle Musquodoboit. The newspaper explained that:

This was a sort of pageantry depicting the costumes of the people of 1815 in contrast to those costumes in vogue today. Leading the procession was the ox-drawn plow of 1815, and concluding it was the automobile of today. Between these representations of their age were the methods of travel, men and women gowned in the costumes of 1816 and thereabouts mounted on horseback. There were the swains of that day and the brides and the children. Then followed the procession of farm implements now in use, evidencing the advanced methods adopted by the people of Musquodoboit.
The day concluded with amusements on the Exhibition Grounds, lectures, temperance addresses and a concert.

Date: 1968

Reference: William A. Fisher Collection Nova Scotia Archives  Photo Drawer Places - Musquodoboit, Middle - Churches - Presbyterian Centenary, nos. 2,4

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