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"Scene from Evangeline (movie) 1913, garden of Billman Residence, 'Melvillewood', Armdale, later called 17 Herring Cove Rd."

Evangeline was a film based on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's epic poem of the same name. It was both the first Canadian feature-length motion-picture and the very first film shot on location in Canada. Evangeline was produced by the Canadian Bioscope Company, founded in 1912 by H.H.B. Holland, with its headquarters at 108-118 Pleasant Street (now the Foundry Building on Barrington Street, near Inglis). The company went on to produce seven widely varied films for the Canadian market – none of which has survived; with the outbreak of World War I, Canadian Bioscope went out of business.

Date: 1913

Reference: James Billman Nova Scotia Archives 1981-295 no. 1  / negative: N-1652

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