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The Port Royal Habitation

Habitation Opening Ceremonies

Hon. T.A. Crerar presided at the formal opening and told the 500 assembled people that "As we view this restored habitation and visualize the mode of living over three hundred years ago we should be filled not only with admiration of our past but should regard what we see here as a challenge for the future." Daniel Cobb Harvey, Provincial Archivist for the Province and member of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, was one of the chief speakers. Professor Harvey declared that the new park was "both national and historic; historic, because it is the site of the first permanent [European] settlement in Acadia; and national, because the first permanent settlement in Acadia was also the first in the Dominion of Canada."

Date: 04 July 1941

Photographer: Paul Yates

Reference: Historic Restoration Society of Annapolis County Nova Scotia Archives 1988-261.1 number 395

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