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In 2000 the Departments of Housing and Municipal Affairs and Business and Consumer Services were amalgamated to form Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. The department was responsible for access to government services and programs; consumer protection, including residential tenancies; licensed drivers and registered motor vehicles; consumer proposals; geographic information services; condominiums; vital statistics; real property registries, personal property registry, registrar of joint stock companies, Nova Scotia business registry, registry of motor vehicles and deputy registrar general; municipal and provincial-municipal relations; and the provincial tax commissioner. In 2008 assessment services were outsourced to the Property Valuation Services Corporation. In January 2011, the department assumed responsibility for liquor control, film licensing and classification, and amusements and gaming control from the Department of Labour and Workforce Development, which was renamed Labour and Advanced Education. Responsibility for the gateway initiative was also transferred from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. In April 2014, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations was renamed Department of Municipal Affairs, and all responsibilities not related to municipal affairs assigned to the newly-created Office of Service Nova Scotia.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 2001 c. 4, 2006 c. 19; Orders in Council 2000-485 (28 Sept. 2000), 2011-15 (11 Jan. 2011), 2014-71 (7 Mar. 2014).

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