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Nova Scotia. Department of Natural Resources (1991- )

In 1991 the Departments of Lands and Forests and Mines and Energy were superseded by the Department of Natural Resources. The new department, which saw an increasing emphasis on energy and mineral resources conservation and development, was responsible for energy management and energy resources development; forestry and forest management; surveys and land resources; mineral resources, mineral development and mining engineering; game and fishing licences, and enforcement and hunter safety. In 1997 responsibility for petroleum resources was transferred to the Petroleum Directorate (now Department of Energy). Natural Resources is responsible for the development, management, conservation and protection of forests, minerals, parks and wildlife resources and the administration of crown lands.

Notes: Authority record based on Orders in Council 91-971 (20 August 1991), 97-719 (19 November 1997), 2002-286 (17 June 2002); Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1992 c. 14, 2001 c. 4.

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