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Nova Scotia. Department of Municipal Affairs (1935-1996)

The Department of Municipal Affairs was established in 1935 to provide for provincial government oversight of the management of municipal finances and to regulate municipal borrowing. Until 1946 the Attorney General was the minister of municipal affairs. Over the years the main objects of the department were to provide municipal governments with advice and assistance; administer the various financial assistance programs available to municipalities, as well as acts and regulations affecting municipalities; develop policies and programs meeting municipal infrastructure needs; and foster and maintain good provincial-municipal relations. In 1976 the department assumed responsibility for real property assessment. In 1996 the Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs was dissolved and responsibility for housing transferred to Municipal Affairs, which was then renamed Housing and Municipal Affairs.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1935 c. 5, 1946 c. 2, 1975 c. 57, 1996 c. 8.

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