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'A Vision of Regeneration'

Composite photograph of members of the Halifax Relief Committee

The Halifax Relief Committee was established to deal with the emergency resulting from the Explosion of December 6, 1917. Its members, responsible for coordinating relief work, were as follows: 1. R.T. MacIlreith, Managing Committee; 2. H. Milburn, Medical Supply Committee; 3. F.A. Gillis, Transportation Committee; 4. Col. F. McKelvie Bell, Medical Committee; 5. A.S. Barnstead, Mortuary Committee; 6. Capt. Kneale, Employment Committee; 7. Hon. R.G. Beazley, Fuel Committee; 8. A.S. Campbell, Finance Committee; 9. A. Hanfield Whitman, Supply Committee; 10. J.L. Hetherington, Food Committee; 11. J.C. Stredder, Information Committee; 12. G. Fred Pearson, Reconstruction Committee; 13. C.W. Ackhurst, Clothing Committee; 14. J.H. Winfield, Rehabilitation Committee; 15. Ralph P. Bell , Secretary; 16. W. S. Davidson, Emergency Shelter; 17. A.D. MacRae, Registration Committee.

Date: 1918

Photographer: Gauvin & Gentzel

Reference: Ernest J. Gillis Nova Scotia Archives 1992-508  /  negative: N-7142

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