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Contract between David Easson and Captain David Adamson of the ship Brudenell of London

Easson to load vessel with pine and spruce not less than 10 inches square and 20 feet long, as soon as the vessel arrives at Sabing's [Sabean's?] Cove, Sissiboo, NS.  20 August 1771.  2 pages : 30 x 48 cm.   Easson family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 vol. 3478 A/78

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It is hereby mutually agreed on by and between the parties to
Those presents as follows, that is to say Mr David Easson of
Annapolis Royal in the Province of Nova Scotia Carpenter
on the one part and Capn David Adamson of the Ship
Brudenell of London of the other part witnesseth that the
said David Easson doth engage to furnish the said Capn
David Adamson with a Sufficiency of Square Pine & Spruce
timber Good sound & merchantable to Load the said Ship
Brudenell & not to be less than Ten Inches Square and
Twenty feet in Length, and that the said Timber is to be
ready at the sole risque & cost of the said Easson for Shipping
as soon as the said ship shall arrive at a place called
Siblings Cove in the Harbour of Sissibou in said Nova
Scotia and the above named David Adamson doth by
These presents engage to pay unto the said David Easson
For said Timber at the rate of Nine Shillings Currency
Per Ton, in His Bills of exchange in London at the customary
Exchange as soon as the said Ship is Loaded, the said exch[ange]
being at Ten [percent] discount & whereas there will [account]
some part of 400 Tons Timber agreed for by Capn Collier, Capn
Adamson also engage in case He or any other of the
owners Ship should take another Load next year from
said Sissibou that he will then take the remainer
with a Sufficient quantity to compleat the Ships
Loading at such price as they may agree upon
the said David Adamson doth engage to Sail from
hence for said Sissibou as soon as this said Ship
Brunenell shall be ready to proceed to Sea it is also
agreed upon by said parties that when this agreement

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