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Statement, Francis Johannot, Boston

Concerning a verbal agreement made April 1751 at Annapolis Royal with John Easson, Major Erasmus Phillips and Daniel Dyson. Notarized by John Hill.  8 September 1763.  1 page : 30 x 49 cm.   Easson family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 vol. 3478 A/63

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I Francis Johonnot of Boston in New England —
Merchant Do Testify and Say That Some Time in
the Month of April AD 1751 I was at the House
of Mr John Easson at Annapolis Royall in Company
with the Said Easson Major Erasmus Jas. Phillips
and Mr Daniel Dyson all of Said Annapolis Royall
when the Said Easson, Phillips and Dyson all agreed
with me that for whatever Articles I should supply
them with (after the Expiration of Four Months
Credit) they would allow and pay me Lawfull
Interest and upon this Agreement I always
depended in the Supply’s I from time to time —
Made them agreeable to the several Articles of
Interest charged them in the Accounts Exhibited
them dated this Fifth Day of September AD 1763
          Francis Johonnot

          Boston Septr 8th 1763
Mr Francis Johonnot Made Oath that the
above testimony by him Subscribed is
The Whole Truth and Nothing but the
          before me John Hill Just : Peace

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