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could only make Answer that they must come down to the Fort, and remain there till he could apply to the Governor, to know what should be done with them; And that they had accordingly come down, and were to remain at the Fort, until His. Excellency's Resolutions with regard to them, should arrive.

      His Excellency further represented to the Council, that from several Circumstances, it appeared plainly to him, that those Certificates had been obtained from Capt. Cramahé upon Supposition that these Inhabitants belonged to some River or Place of that Name in Canada, and not to the River St. John's in Nova Scotia, and therefore that they never could have had from Brigadier Monckton any sort of Permission to return into this Province.

      Wherefore His Excellency desired the Council's Advice and Opinion, on what methods should be taken at this Season of the Year, for disposing of these People, who are represented to be in a Starving Condition; it being, in His Excellency's Opinion, highly improper to suffer them to remain upon their former Possessions, which the French have always pretended is a Dependance of Canada, altho' contained within the Boundaries of the Province of Nova Scotia.

      The Council are of Opinion, and do Advise that His Excellency do take the earliest Opportunity of Hiring Vessels for having them immediately Transported to Halifax, as Prisoners of War, until they can be sent to England: and that the two Priests be likewise removed out of the Province. *   *   *   *


      At a Council holden at Halifax on Wednesday the 9th Jany.,1760.


His Excellency the Governor.

      Benj. Green, Councilor

      Chas. Morris, Councilor

      Richd. Bulkeley, Councilor

      Thos. Saul, Councilor

      Jos. Gerrish, Councilor

      *   *   *   * His Excellency communicated to the Council for their Opinion, the following Extract of a Letter from Colonel Frye the Commanding Officer at Chignecto, the Consideration whereof was adjourned to next Saturday.

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