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George Creed - Mi'kmaq Petroglyphs

Tracing of a petroglyph of what may be interpreted as Culloo, the mighty bird of Mi'kmaq stories, and the descending head and shoulder of a man who may be Badger in human form

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Date: 1888

Petroglyph tracings E: Human Figures #43. 6 negatives and 6 positives. The first image is a negative, the second a positive. Marion Robertson's Rock Drawings of the Micmac Indians identifies this petroglyph as "Culoo…The descending figure of a man's head and shoulders may be of the wily Badger who has assumed human form. As in all animal stories, the animal (bird, snake) may either be animal or human, shifting from one to the other as convenience dictates." See also MG 15 Vol. 12 E40 for the story of Culloo and Badger.

Reference: George Creed - Petroglyphs Nova Scotia Archives MG 15 Vol. 12 E43

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