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"A Habitant's Home"

J.F.W. DesBarres included this sketch in "Chart of Egmont Harbour", Atlantic Neptune. Jeddore was once known as Egmont Harbour because the Earl of Egmont received a grant of land there in 1769. Anthony Lockwood sailed along the Eastern Shore in 1815 and described his visit in A Brief Description of Nova Scotia (London, 1818), p. 25. The Assistant Surveyor-General noted, "The people of Arachat [sic], alarmed at their unprotected state, on the breaking out of the revolutionary war, for the most part, fled to Jeddore, as a place of greater shelter, and remained there till the peace of 1777 when they left their improvements and returned to Arachat [sic]." [The American Revolution did not end until the Treaty of Paris in 1783.] French Colonial buildings,1604-1790, include the following characteristics: log or stone construction, raised basement, usually 1 ½ storeys, absent or small symmetrical dormer, one large central chimney, later variation have two end-wall chimneys, centred doorway, and symmetrical or asymmetrical 3 or 5 bay facade.

Date: 1777

Format: Photograph of original artwork

Artist: J.F.W. DesBarres

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Photo Collection: Places: Nova Scotia: 1777

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