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Documents Concerning the Thaddeus and Mary McTiernan Family Claim for Compensation from the Halifax Relief Committee

The Halifax Relief Commission was incorporated on 26 April, 1918 with power to expend and disperse money to repair, rebuild and restore buildings and property damaged, destroyed or lost as a result of the Halifax Explosion on 6 December, 1917.

The Relief Commission records (MG 36) are divided into series; these records have considerable relevant to built heritage, particular north-end Halifax.

The series are Series "A" (Appraisal Board), Series "C" (Correspondence), Series "F" (Financial Records), Series "P" (Pension Claims) and Series "R" (Real Estate and Property Records).

Nova Scotia Archives has an index for pension claims. These claims contain various documents pertaining to the hardships, health issues, and loss of material possessions families endured after the Explosion. Several items from Thaddeus and Mary McTiernan family pension claim are digitized.

Date: 29 December 1917

Reference: Halifax Relief Commission Nova Scotia Archives MG 36 Series P no. 3688

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