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African Nova Scotians in the Age of Slavery and Abolition

Pen portrait of Stephen Blucke, in William Booth, "Rough memorandums from 20th January to 24th March 1789"
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Stephen Blucke, a New York Loyalist freeborn in Barbados, was leader of the black refugees who immigrated to Port Roseway (Shelburne)and founded Birchtown. In 1784 he was commissioned lieutenant colonel of the black militia in the district of Shelburne.

This description of Blucke is taken from William Booth's unpublished journal, which includes a description of Birchtown and its people. Booth was a captain in the Corps of Engineers. His journal is an important source for early African Nova Scotian history.

Date: 14 March 1789

Credit: Esther Clark Wright Archives, Acadia University

Reference: Esther Clark Wright Archives, Acadia University accession number 1971.001

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