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African Nova Scotians in the Age of Slavery and Abolition

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (newspaper clipping)

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church opened in 1846. It stood for over a century at the southwest corner of Gottingen and Falkland Streets, in the heart of Black Halifax. It was demolished ca. 1955. The Black Methodist community in Halifax dated back to the preaching of Moses Wilkinson ("Old Moses") and Boston King on the eve of the exodus of the free African Nova Scotians to Sierra Leone in early 1792. The original of the photo which appeared in the newspaper has been lost. The photo was likely taken in 1938.

Date: 12 September 1938

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives  "Make Appeal In Behalf Of Church", Halifax Mail 12 September 1938 p.2 (microfilm 7288)

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