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African Nova Scotians in the Age of Slavery and Abolition

Houses belonging to the Colley family, on the site of Governor's Farm, Preston

Lieutenant Governor Wentworth employed a number of Maroons on his farm and in his household, as well as a few at Government House. Wentworth kept a Maroon mistress. They had at least one child, George Wentworth Colley (1804-1893). Wentworth's farm was located near the foot of Long Lake. The house on the left was built, probably by George W. Colley, on part of the foundation of Wentworth's original farmhouse. The house on the right had been recently built by a descendant of George W. Colley.

Date: 2 October 1934

Photographer: Gauvin & Gentzel

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives  Photo Collection: Places: Preston negative number: N-312

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