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African Nova Scotians in the Age of Slavery and Abolition

"Leonard Parkinson, a captain of the Maroons"

This engraving of a Maroon captain was originally sketched from life. In 1795-6 the Maroons of Jamaica revolted against the colonial government. The revolt failed. At the request of Jamaica about six hundred Maroons were then transported to Nova Scotia and given assistance in settling here. In 1800 virtually all of them emigrated to Sierra Leone.

Date: published 1796

Engraver: Abraham Raimbach

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives  B. Edwards, The Proceedings of the Governor and Assembly of Jamaica, in Regard to the Maroon Negroes… to which is prefixed an Introductory Account… of the Maroons… (London, 1796) (F210 /Ed9) negative number: N-6202

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